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Our Experiences

We have experience with many of the major industry leaders and technologies including:

  • Allen-Bradley
  • Wonderware
  • DeltaV
  • Cuttler-Hammer
  • Telemecanique
  • Redundant Systems
  • AutoCAD
  • Ethernet
  • Fiber Optics
  • Radio Telemetry
  • Barcode Scanning
  • SQL Databases
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • DeviceNet/ControlNet

Engineering Services

JAC Automated Controls, a Limited Liability Company, provides engineered automation solutions to the industry. Our services include front-end design and specification, purchasing, configuration, commissioning, support, training, and integration into business systems. We can perform field surveys of instrumentation and control systems. We provide drafting and can take existing drawings and put them into AutoCAD formats. We have experience with systems from small skid packages to complex interlocking and control loops.

Panel Services

JAC Automated Controls, a Limited Liability Company, provides our customers with more than engineering services, we also build the products we design. We make use of the staging area of our offices to create these panels of high-quality components from the leading manufacturers you expect. In these facilities, we have built enclosures as simple as HOA stations and as complex as large panels to house as many as 10 each 20 HP variable frequency drives (try coordinating 10 variable frequency drives and motors to move 3.5 million pounds!) We are able to install complex computer-based controls, or, simple mechanical pushbuttons and switches.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of our hallmarks. JAC goes above and beyond expectations to establish and then maintain our customer relationships. One such way we do this is to guarantee that every panel we produce goes through a rigorous testing procedure before any customer ever sees it. The process is as follows:


  • The technician who builds the machine reviews the completed panel against the drawings
  • A separate individual, a designer, reviews each conductor, tag, identifier, and device against drawings
  • Control power is applied to the system
  • Each individual control point is tested against the drawings and project documentation by one of our engineers
  • Factory acceptance tests are performed on the system, as a whole, in the presence of customer representatives (as necessary)

We offer 24/7 Onsite Customer Support!

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